Zuplo API Management

Zuplo is a fresh take on the traditional API Management/Gateway platform: designed for developers and made for the edge, Zuplo offers effortless programmability and GitOps integration. Merge a PR to deploy to the edge at over 200 data-centers worldwide in <20s. Deep integration with OpenAPI including linting, automated testing and more.

Gateway Policies

  • API Key Authentication
  • IP Access Rules
  • JWT authorizers (Custom, Auth0, AWS Cognito)
  • Basic Authentication
  • AWS IAM roles and policies
  • CORS
  • WAF
  • ACL (Access Control List)
  • Audit Logs
Traffic Management
  • Cache Lookup
  • Cache Invalidation
  • Cache Eviction
  • Rate Limiting (Dynamic)
  • Request Transformation
  • Response Transformation
  • OpenAPI Validation
  • URL Rewriting
  • JSON Validation
  • Request Size Limit
  • Request Termination
  • AWS Lambda integration
  • GitHub GitOps integration
  • BitBucket GitOps integration
  • GitLab GitOps integration